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Day 22: Day off in Figeac

Day 22, Thursday 28 September

0 kms today – day off. Total distance cycled: 1074 kms or 667 miles. About 285 kms (177 miles) to go.

Feeling: Good, and looking forward to the last section.

Figeac is the final staging post, where Tomas finished his section and Doug arrived to join me for the last leg of my journey. The three of us had a very enjoyable supper last night, sitting outside in Place de la Halle, the covered market place in the centre of town. We paused on the bridge over the Célé for a group selfie. As you can see, we are ‘en forme‘. Our forme possibly improved even more after drinking a very agreeable Malbec from Cahors.

Tomas  – a big thank you for being part of the ride, and the kind words in your post. It was great. We have some wonderful memories: the excellent breakfast at the rather inappropriately named ‘Home Sweet Home’; battling the storm as we cycled south into the Dordogne; and the truly delightful cycling as we free-wheeled down the voie verte from Sarlat, and breezed along the traffic-free cycle routes up onto the Quercy plateau. Perhaps most of all I am grateful to you for teaching me the benefits of walking up steep hills rather than punishing the quadriceps!

Thanks also to all of you for reading and commenting on my blog. There are 93 comments on my blog – too many to review individually, but special mentions should go to:

Danielle  – the lovely lady who introduced James and me to La Brenne. Welcome to my blog!

Anita (Doug’s sister) tuning in from the USA, following a recommendation by Sarah,  Doug’s daughter. I can assure you that it will be me struggling to keep up with Doug.

Barbara, also tuning in from the USA, and who I know shares my fascination with La France Profonde.

Georgiana (a multi-blogger!), who seems to want me to do this again! And lead an entourage! Denzil also (at least for the treats). Hmmmm. We shall see.

Caroline, Sue, J&J, and others who tell me you tune in daily.

Anthony – I’m looking forward to the Ling.

And, of course, to Liz, who we are due to meet in Florac, in the high Cevennes, on Monday before the final run down to Mas des Costes.


So, not much happening today. I had my bike serviced – brakes were wearing after some of the big descents and they’re now in top condition and ready for the Cevennes. Doug and I had what we intended to be a light lunch but was actually not so light. He’s now headed out on a test run on the bike he’s hired, expending some calories. I’m blogging in the garden at Les Pratges:

Garden at Les Pratges, Figeac

Just lovely, isn’t it?

4 thoughts on “Day 22: Day off in Figeac

  1. Simon

    When do you get to Mas des Costes , ( time and day ) would like to try and be there to welcome you with the chequered flag .

    1. malcolm Post author

      We should arrive at Mas des Costes on Tuesday 3 October in the late afternoon. Exact ETA is difficult to say, but around 4pm – 5pm.

  2. Tomas

    Thanks Malcolm. Enjoy the rest of the ride.

    It was very funny on Wednesday. We were in a small village called ‘Livernon’ drinking beer and wine for lunch and Malcolm was trying to sort out the lack of lodgings in Figeac. I told him he had a New York lawyer in town (Doug) so why on earth would he want try and make frantic phone calls on a terrible line with children screaming in the background. When we arrived all was sorted. Doug calmly updated us on his local negotiations and suggested we take a dip in the pool. We should get Doug over to sort out Brexit as well 😉