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Day 27: Arrived!

Day 27, Tuesday 3 October

Cassagnas to Mas des Costes, Tornac


Feeling: Elated!! I did it.

Brief blog – too much going on. Total distance cycled: 1372 kilometres = 853 miles. Arrived to great reception from Liz, Mike, Jane, and Simon.

Big thanks to all my fellow cyclists: Liz, James, Tomas, and Doug.

Set out this morning from our great B&B, the only place I know which has parking for donkeys:

Donkey parking

Doug and I set off :

Last day in the saddle


Soon had bright sunshine as we descended through the Cevennes mountains.

Autumn sun in the Cevennes

Action movie:

That’s it. Too tired to do more now. Will do a sign off post with more pics tomorrow. Thanks to everyone for reading my blog.

14 thoughts on “Day 27: Arrived!

  1. Tomas Sterner

    Well done Malcolm (and Liz, and James, and me, and Doug:). My thoughts are that life is really a downhill ride. All the uphills disappear from view once the view is clear. What’s next Mr Green?

  2. Sue

    Wow! What an achievement. So proud of you Malc and Liz and Doug and James and Thomas. Proud to be called your friend and neighbour.
    Enjoy your arrival and all that that entails. Looking forward to seeing photos in tomorrow’s blog.

  3. Danielle

    Bravo Malcolm !!! félicitations pour ce ” Tour de France “!!! merci pour ces magnifiques photos et ces ” carnets de voyage “. Je suis ravie de t’avoir rencontré et j’espère que nous garderons contact . A plus tard sur le blog .

    1. malcolm Post author

      Hi Danielle,
      Je vous remercie. J’ai de bons souvenirs de vous rencontrer, et de visiter La Brenne. Jusqu’à la prochaine fois.

  4. Ian Menzies

    Well done Malcolm. A Tour de France indeed. What’s next? Round the World!

    All the best

    Ian, Anne and Flora

  5. Simon Orde

    Well done Malcolm and everyone else who took part. A great thing to have done. The blog was very good too. We’ve very much enjoyed following your progress. It feels like it’s all gone surprisingly quickly (though I bet it doesn’t feel like that for you!).