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Thursday 5 October (my birthday, just in case you didn’t know).

0 kms

Feeling: Withdrawal symptoms. Why am I not in the saddle?

A big THANK YOU to everyone for wishing me well on my birthday. An 853 mile bike ride is not bad for a 37-year old, right?

Really, everyone has been very kind and so supportive. The absolute best thing about this ride has been the warmth of all the messages received from people I met en route, from everyone who joined in my blog, and from many more on Facebook. I have been genuinely touched by many of the blog comments, and, as the ride went on, I felt a greater and greater responsibility to deliver something that would deserve your attention. In the end the blog became compulsive and I felt a close relationship with you all. Thank you for joining me on my journey.

Now my arrival blog hardly captured the occasion. There was too much happening too quickly, then a few beers were downed, and I only had time for a few words before getting a hot bath, supper, and crashing out. So, here’s a few more pics.The approach to our house is uphill (the last hill) and I am grateful to Simon Bullard for having his camera to hand as I came over the brow with Doug close behind:

About 200m to go

Welcome party

Mike, our local Azerbaijani Scotsman waves his flag

Made it from door to door

So, a day off  yesterday and no blog, but today I am doing my last blog of the trip.

How am I spending my birthday? Lovely sunny day here. Went to our local market to shop for supper tonight. Anduze is a gem, and here are a few pics:

Anduze centre

Liz selects the fruit and veg

Fish stall is always enticing, but not today

Which loaf?

Buying cheese – a serious business in France

Then, home for lunch in the garden with Doug and Emily:

Who then gave me my birthday presents from New York (see header). Think they got the theme right?

So, what next? A lazy couple of days here, then our indispensable friend Passos takes me and my bike over to Avignon on Saturday morning to catch the train to Paris. The final cycling in France will be across Paris from Gard de Lyon to Gare du Nord, and then it’s the Eurostar home on Saturday evening.

Several of you want me to do it again, or something similar. Well, never say never, but nothing doing right now.

Finally, I must acknowledge the star of the show. I literally could not have done this without my Brooks traditional English leather saddle. 853 miles and my backside is in perfect condition!

Thank you Brooks

And thank you for reading my blog. Over and out.


10 thoughts on “Birthday blog

  1. Sue

    A very Happy Birthday Malcolm. We are looking forward to joining you for a glass or two on Sunday. Enjoy the relaxation and safe journey home.

  2. Aline Rideau

    Thank you for a wonderful evening last night – great company and lovely food.
    The socks were definitely the best birthday present!

  3. Sarah Bailey

    Well you have inspired us Malcolm although I am not entirely sure I can envisage Andy, Paul and Vicki cycling down to Maison P – you never know! Xxx

  4. Ian Menzies

    Raymonde – how impressed I am. I hardly recognised you – slim, beautiful and tanned. All admiration here. Happy birthday, mon brave. Love Mrs. Menzies xxxx

    1. malcolm Post author

      That made it all worthwhile! But you should see the muscles in my thighs. ….