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Day 24: A crash by The Hole.

Day 23, Saturday 30 September

Entraygues-sur-Truyère to Buzeins


Feeling: Cold, wet, and slightly bruised. It rained hard today, turned quite cold, and……..

It had to happen. I parted company with my bike today,  but, luckily at low speed. I was turning off the road into a traffic-free zone which had been surfaced with some rather slippery tiles. It was wet, my front tyre caught the edge of a tile, and my front wheel just went sideways to the left and I went flying to the right. No serious damage to me – just a few cuts and bruises. Bike undamaged. There was a charming lady from La Poste nearby who rushed to my assistance. Pride prevented me from appearing hurt, and receiving even more sympathy. We were only 2 minutes from our lunch stop in a cafe on the edge of Le Trou de Bozouls, so decamped there after a quick look at the Hole (see pic above), which is an extraordinary geological feature (see ).

I’m not sure Le Patron particularly wanted to see two cyclists, soaked to the skin, squelch into his cafe, and at first he appeared unenthusiastic about serving us. But he did, and lunch was great: soup, salad, chicken & chips, dessert. By now Le Patron had warmed to us, and gave us some Calvados as a digestif. Unbeatable value at €16.

Earlier, we cycled along the Lot valley to Espalion in pouring rain:

You told me it was sunny in the south of France.

Then sheltered in a cafe in Espalion:

Remind me why I agreed to do this.

Dunno. How much further is it?

The rain finally stopped this afternoon. But we were running quite late and reached our B&B well after 6pm. The last 3k were a killer – straight up a really steep hill.

We’re staying with a lovely family who have given us a warm welcome. Just finished dinner (more chicken!), but having to function 100% in French, so working hard. Definitely ready for bed.

3 thoughts on “Day 24: A crash by The Hole.

  1. Caroline H

    Oh dear, what a tough day you both had. But a lucky escape too by the sound of it. So glad both you and the bike relatively unscathed. I do hope the sun comes back out today to give you an easier ride. You are on the homeward stretch now!

  2. Jonathan Bloom

    Like so many others, am completely inspired by your enthusiasm.
    Am sure another adventure will emerge from your imagination, once you have completed this – an annual event?
    Take care on the final stretch, and keep on eating well
    Love from us all

  3. Sue

    Malcolm, you need one ‘war wound’ on your amazing journey. Enjoy the homeward stretch and hopefully no more ‘holes’. Love the photos and especially the foodie bits.
    Take care of yourselves and here’s to a drop of sun.