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Day 15: Val de Creuse

Day 15, Thursday 21 September

Argenton-sur-Creuse to La Souterraine


Feeling: Exhausted.

Tough day today in hot weather. Miscalculated route, timing, lunch stop, water supplies i.e. just about everything. Wonderful countryside but very hilly ride and didn’t reach our destination until 7:30pm, with final 10k uphill proving very challenging indeed. Never been so pleased to arrive. Wonderful B&B run by two English guys who provided cold beer, hot bath, ¬†and takeaway pizza on comfy sofa in front of British TV. Brilliant. But, I’m now tired and feel very stiff writing this on Friday morning. Looking forward to my day off tomorrow and trying to organise a sports massage in Limoges.

Will finish this post later. Breakfast calls.



6 thoughts on “Day 15: Val de Creuse

  1. Sue Hovell

    We love reading your blog on a daily basis and feel we are also travelling through France. You have certainly inspired us to do something more ‘softer next summer’. On what has been a meticulously planned journey you have to experience one small hiccup. I think Liz is missing it all!
    Glad the weather is being kind.

    1. malcolm Post author

      There was bound to be a bad day. There was lots of good stuff too – see today’s blog. It was just the ride – constantly up and down. Very, very tough.

  2. Denzil

    I am sure you need lots of encouraging blog comments , what an achievement.
    You certainly look like you are enjoying yourself though.
    Think I might do it with you next year ( running of course )if I get all those after ride treats.
    that includes the beer and jacuzzi .
    look forward to reading the next bit of your adventure…

    1. malcolm Post author

      Denzil – great to read your comment.
      Next year? Again?
      Maybe we could just do the treats.

  3. Caroline Hogg

    Hi Malcolm, my morning ritual is now – get a cup of tea – read Malcolm’s blog- read the paper. So, thank you, if makes a great way to start the day! As others have said, I feel very inspired by the trip. Some of the b & b’s sounds real gems and glad to hear that the menu du jour is alive and well in the french countryside. Sorry that yesterday was so tough – better today I hope?

    1. malcolm Post author

      I feel a heavy responsibility to my loyal readers. I shall do my best, Caroline, to brighten the start to your day. Longer blog today.